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Nonius Networks: Now Greener, Leaner, and More Efficient with RUCKUS One

By 1 February 2024February 28th, 2024Managed Networks, News, Product
Easy to use, easy to expand, with flexible configuration that allows Nonius and hoteliers to manage and optimise multi-access converged networks simply and sustainably.

Nonius has been in the forefront of introducing converged networks in the hospitality setting and more recently cloud-based management with major network vendors.  Now we are excited to add to our cloud managed network platforms, the latest platform from Commscope, the  RUCKUS One. A platform that is not just about boosting the guest and staff experience in hospitality, but also about being eco-friendly and cutting down on costs.

A Smooth Ride for Guests

We will design for you the converged and cloud-managed network that will provide a flawless online experience everywhere in the hotel – from check-in to chill-out in the rooms, from dining to meeting spaces. Smart roaming tech guarantees smooth, uninterrupted Wi-Fi, perfect for working, web surfing, or streaming. 

All integrated with Nonius NOC support tools to serve you and your guests independently of the captive portal gateway being Nonius Internet Access Edge gateway or other that you may have certified.

Network Management Made Easy

Our skilled network engineers and designers are at your service to craft and onboarding you into the cloud solution and configure it to fit your unique needs. 

We take pride in our ability to design networks that support the most dense networks and provide the converged networks that can support the multitude of hotel systems, communications and access technologies, including property management, room automation, IPTV, voice, streaming, and security systems.

Cloud Power: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Cloud-based solutions, that integrate and serve, mean good news for both the planet and your wallet. Reducing on-site hardware and software cuts down on environmental impact and saves on energy and maintenance.

Reduced IT Overhead: Remote Management for Hassle-Free Upkeep

With our cloud setup, our team and you, if you so wish, can keep an eye on and manage your hotel network remotely, around the clock. This ensures smooth operations and quick fixes to any issues, all while saving you the cost of in-house IT staff.

Top-Notch Security and Compliance

In today’s digital hotel world, cybersecurity is crucial. Our solutions prioritise guest data safety and shield your hotel network from cyber threats, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Choose Nonius for a Top-Notch, Sustainable Experience

Partnering with Nonius gets you a crew of Wi-Fi and Switching pros, a solid success record, and top-tier customer service. We’re all about giving you the tools and know-how for a standout guest experience, a secure and efficient network, and meeting your green goals.

Get in Touch with Nonius

Ready to take your hotel’s hospitality to the next level? Reach out to Nonius and let’s chat about how our solutions can revolutionise your operations, boost sustainability, and be kind to your budget.

“Nonius' expertise in network design and configuration has been instrumental in tailoring our customers' network-specific needs and has streamlined their operations and created a cohesive technological ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of guests and staff. This not only enhances guest satisfaction, but also boosts operational efficiency. Together with RUCKUS One's ease of use and scalability, it has enabled us to efficiently manage our customers' networks across multiple locations, ensuring a seamless experience for guests and staff alike, while we have reduced the hotel’s reliance on on-site hardware, minimising their environmental footprint and saving energy.”

Hélder SantosSales & Marketing Director at Nonius