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Cloud-Managed Internet Access & WiFi

All the tools and support team you need to offer an amazing Guest WiFi experience and save in operation costs. Integrated with PMS and CRM vendors to collect data and update guest profiles.

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Why do 2,050+ properties trust Nonius with its Guest WiFi?

19 years

Worldwide experience in deploying and managing Guest Wi-Fi and Networks.


Robust solution with Cloud and Gateway redundancy.


Low number of support tickets allows us to offer a very competitive price.

Vendor neutral

Compatible with all the leading WiFi and switching vendors.

Fully integrated

Integrated and certified with the major PMS, CRS and CRM vendors.

Dashboard & API

Realtime dashboard with alarms to monitor, control and report your service delivery.
Hotel wifi dashboard systems

Wi-Fi Login Portal matching your brand standards

We strive to deliver a solution in compliance with major hospitality brand standards and multiple login methods.

Provide custom, responsive, fast, and highly compatible captive portals for each venue. Customize with our cloud-based user-friendly editor for the WiFi login portal and marketing campaigns that your team can easily update at any time.

Splash page video campaigns

Any video about your property and your service offer can be uploaded and played as advertising. Hoteliers share that content with guests. All users will watch the video from start to end before accessing the Internet.

The video will be available in the zones you think are appropriate – you decide!

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Cross-sell and upsell with your Wi-Fi Landing Page

After guests login to the Wi-Fi, present them a branded and customized landing page. Use that opportunity to: inform the guest, promote your loyalty program, cross-sell and upsell.

The editor will help you test your hotel landing page for maximum ROI, allowing you to directly target your business goals and have useful insights about your guests.

Authentication with Social Networks for data collection

Allowing your guests to log in to your hotel’s Wi-Fi with their social networks will not only make it easier for them but also help you gather more guest data.

Automated data collection and analysis is an easy way to increase your cross-sell chances by improving your guest behavioral knowledge and, by using the Wi-Fi location, making sure the key areas of your facilities have enough bandwidth for a high-quality connection.

CRM Integrations to collect emails from guests

Guest data analytics can be used in numerous ways to improve the guest experience. This becomes possible by collecting emails at login even when the reservation is made via an OTA. All information gathered is compliant with GDPR.

By using this data, your hotel can perform targeted campaigns to create personalized stays.

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Give the team autonomy to manage event Wi-Fi

Create dedicated WiFi networks with custom SSID and Wi-Fi vouchers for groups with personalized logos and login pages. Define bandwidth limitation per user and per group and manage with an easy-to-use dashboard. All revenue from events is for your hotel.

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Global 24/7 support with our in-house helpdesk

We have a 24/7 in-house specialized NOC (Network Operation Center) providing technical support and maintenance to ensure your Hotels’ networks. We offer cost-effective, tailored Service Level Agreements (SLA) to comply with your required network availability level.

We also offer a Guest Hotline 24/7 service to support your guests with their connectivity and multimedia needs.

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